Breeding Bettas | Betta cleaning tips - keep your betta bowls/tanks clean!

Betta cleaning tips - keep your betta bowls/tanks clean!

Betta fish require regular water changes whether you are planning on breeding them or not. This is a fact if your bettas are kept in a jar, small container, tank, or vase. For breeders, cleaning the betta jars is usually easier than cleaning needed for an aquarium that is 10 gallons or more. Betta Breeders Canada provides some ideas on how to make your betta’s tank maintenance easier depending on the size of your Siamese fighting fish’s aquarium.

If your fish lives in a betta jar, it is likely easiest to gently scoop him out and place him in a temporary tank or jar. You can then quickly dump the water out of the original container, give it a quick rinse with a cloth, then refill with water at the same temperature your fish is used to. Any scum or algae can easily be scraped off with an algae brush.

For bettas that live in a vase (such as those that popularly come with bamboo or lily plants), it is probably easiest to remove any plants and put them in water or on a towel (if you will be quick). ¬†Remove the betta with a net and put it in a jar with some of the water from the vase. ¬†Using an airline tube, siphon out the betta’s waste/gunk from the bottom, or from the gravel if you have the vase decorated. After this step is done, continue until approximately 50% of the water has been removed. Once again, replace with water of the same temperature, then put the betta and plants back in. The key here is that you need to keep some nutrients/nitrates in the water for the plants to absorb and grow.

If your siamese fighting fish lives in an aquarium, you can do water changes as you would with any other fish tank. Try to do a thorough job siphoning out any of the wastes and replace up to 30% of the water at any given time.

When cleaning your betta’s container, always remember to ensure the fresh water is the same temperature as the original in your betta tank. This will help prevent any unnecessary temperature shock that could hurt your Siamese fighting fish. If you use a water treatment to remove chlorine or cholramines, add it to the water before you return the betta to the container. Finally, let your fish settle back into the new environment before trying to feed him or you risk having uneaten food.

If you are looking for betta containers, the Betta Breeders Canada betta supplies store has a great choice for betta jar. They even have built in handles and only cost $1.50 each!

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3 Responses to “Betta cleaning tips - keep your betta bowls/tanks clean!”

  1. Rachel on March 10th, 2009 1:11 am

    Wondering, how can i clean out my betta’s “vase” without any item bought products?

  2. Ian Turkstra on April 1st, 2009 3:05 am

    Well if you don’t even want to get an airline tube, then you can always just scoop the betta out into another temporary container, then go ahead and pour 50% of the water out of the vase and use a good thick paper towel or cloth to clean any algae or grime from the inner vase surface. Refill with clean water and put the betta back in. That’s probably the best solution for your situation.


  3. mike on October 13th, 2010 1:12 am

    The easiest way to keep your betta happy, and your vase clean (I have the vase, but not the plant or marbles), is to gently pour your betta into a small container, like a margarine-1lb size. Then, clean the vase, refill with correct temperature tapwater (be sure to treat with a chlorine neutralizer), then carefully place the betta back in his nice clean environment! This takes about 3 minutes per fish.

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