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For the last couple of years many Members of the IBC have encouraged the Betta Breeders Canada Chapter
to think about bidding for an IBC General Convention.


At this time I am happy to announce that we the Betta Breeders Canada Chapter have Officially Bid for the 2021 Convention.

This will be an unprecedented large convention if we win the Bid.
Held in conjunction with one of our Local Clubs The Peel Regional Aquarium Society.
On top of the IBC General Convention this event will feature a World Guppy Contest ( Bid pending)

An all species fish show,

multiple speakers with the Key Note Speaker being Joey Mullen The King of DIY.


We would like to welcome everyone to Canada and will have no problems getting fish in from out of country.


Tentative Convention Dates: June 16-20th 2021.

All the best

Morgan Ruttle- President of Betta Breeders Canada

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