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Tips for Buying off Aquabid is the largest fish auction web site, and the best for buying bettas. You can scroll though hundreds of different fish for sale, all types and colours. But, the only drawback is that majority of those fish are from sellers overseas. Here are some helpful tips when considering purchasing fish from Aquabid. 

Be aware of the cost

You may get really excited to see such amazing quality fish for as little as $15, especially when that quality may go for $30+ locally. But make sure you consider all the costs involved. Depending on where the seller is located, they may charge a fee to send the fish to the international transhipper, usually $5. The international transhipper will then mass ship a load of bettas to the transhipper in your country. Your country transhipper will then charge you an import fee, around $10 usually. Then, if you don't live near your transhipper, you will need your fish shipped to you. This could cost anywhere from $15-70. So, that original $15 fish could end up costing you $30-100.

Find a transhipper

Fish you purchase will need to be shipped to this person. They have an import license and can legally bring fish into the country. Sellers will usually list all the transhippers by country in their auction listing. You will need to tell the seller who you want your fish to be sent to. You will also need to notify your transhipper that you have fish coming in. Before buying any fish, first check to see when the next shipment to your country is. Sometimes they are monthly; sometimes it can be quite a few weeks until the next shipment. Also you want to be sure all your auctions are won well before the shipment date so your seller has plenty of time to get them on the shipment. The current transhipper for Canada is Hung Pham, and he is in Missisagua

How to Pay

Paypal is the safest and easiest way to pay. If you do not have Paypal, get it! Do not send money via cheque, cash, Western Union ect. Paypal also protects your purchase.   

Read Feedback

This is extremely important. Always check feedback from sellers, especially the negative. You will want to buy only from those with great feedback. Sellers with lots of negative comments or zero feedback, stay away from. They may have great fish, but considering the cost involved you don't want to risk it.

Always buy at least 2

If you are getting a specific colour or form make sure you buy 2. There is nothing worse then paying all that money just to have it die once you get it. Then what? Your left with nothing. At least if you buy 2 pairs you will have a back up. Yes it will cost more, but it will cost even more to have to re order a replacement.

Ask simple questions

When communicating with sellers be aware that most do not speak English very well. Sometimes it can be very hard to understand what they are saying. So when asking questions make it short and simple, and be clear with exactly what you are asking.  

Use Caution buying from Facebook

Please use Caution when buying from Facebook. Only do so if you have previously bough from the seller before.

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